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How To Write A Press Release: Template + Example

Ahh, the good ol’ Press Release.

Below you will first find a Template followed by an Example.

This would be a Press Release coming from your company – one that you put out.

A classic-style release. Make sure to have your thesaurus ready, humans ready to give you quotes, and your thinking cap on!


Your company name partners with [other company name]
Exciting grabbing text. Think of this as the headline someone would share to social.



Your company name announced today that it has entered into a partnership with other company name, other company name description here (what are they known for).

Your company name will install/test/use/inherit other company’s name product on your company name product/service range. Other company name, position, name of the person and your company, your title have been in collaboration since year, on various blank in the blank industry.

The benefit of the other company product/service range easily integrates/adapts/works with your company name – your system/ideals. This combination of – industry verbiage or what your trying to accomplish ensures – enter benefit here. 3 fast positives about other company product, added problem it solves to your company clients.

Quote from other company CEO

What the partnership provides

Quote from your company CEO

For more information:
(website and social links here)

About other company

About your company

Press Contact

(this means end)

Please note, this sample below is completely fictitious.
« but one day it might be real! »


Gigging for Gold Partners With Thor’s Lotions & Potions
East Coast Marketing Company Takes Aim At Wellness Industry To De-Stress Techies In Silicon Valley

Annapolis, MD USA
March 29, 2023

Gigging for Gold announced today that it has entered into a partnership with Thor’s Lotions & Potions, a trailblazing United States health brand at the forefront of organic wellness known for its powerful exotic serums, ease of use, and social impact.

Gigging for Gold will offer Thor’s Lotions & Potions entire range of Balinese Enchantress Oil line to all of their existing clientele to infuse their mission of how to better combine healthy breaks with constant technology use – a growing health risk in the US. Thor’s Lotions & Potions CEO Kaia Tove and Gigging for Gold’s CEO Sonja Thorsvik have been in collaboration since 2012 on various projects within the industry.

The calming properties of Balinese Enchantress Oil easily integrate with Gigging for Gold ‘Healthy Techie’ wellness system. This combination of lifestyle enhancements fosters the notion of putting yourself first, even before your devices, ensuring you are the best version of yourself throughout the day. Locally sourced, orderless, fast absorbing, and safe for all skin types, the oils can be applied 1-2 times a day, banishing stress and anxiety in a discrete way.

“We are thrilled to partner with Gigging for Gold and bring together a growing global effort around personal wellness routines for the Technology Industry. The team at Gigging for Gold, led by Sonja Thorsvik, shares our enthusiasm to show how the ancient benefits of pure and bio-available products disperse the message of love and health to every corner of the world”, said Thor’s Lotions & Potions CEO Tove.

This partnership provides clients with Gigging for Gold even more luxury offerings with simple and quick systems, adding huge value to the growing global brand. The new Balinese Enchantress Oil line comes with a full product money back guarantee, delivering a strong message of positivity to the overworked and burnout Silicon Valley techie generation.

“This vital partnership is of particular importance to us, as our desire to bring a wider view of wellness education to the mass market as well as using highest quality products to provide immediate relief. We appreciate Thor’s Lotions & Potions tireless devotion to the health industry and want everyone who works at a computer all day to incorporate these products. After all, a healthy world is a happy world. And we need more of that.” said Thorsvik.

For more information:
-Please visit the Gigging for Gold website for more information:

-For more information about Thor’s Lotions & Potions Balinese Enchantress Oil line

About Thor’s Lotions & Potions
Thor’s Lotions & Potions is the market leader for oils and illuminating scrubs for the human body.  Founded in 2010 in Marina Del Rey, the company hand sources pure ingredients from Norway and Indonesia – harnessing the power of both, very unique temperate, climates. Thor’s Lotions & Potions products are characterized by an unyielding soul-centered focus, maximum efficiency, and uncompromising standards.

About Gigging for Gold
Gigging for Gold is a marketing and event planning company founded in 2012 out of Annapolis, MD, USA. The integrated approach of long-term editorial organization, visual impact, and consistent digital posting ensures Gigging for Gold maintains positive relationships with a global clientele – all run virtually. The company holds a strong belief that humans using technology enhances our world, but those same humans must stay healthy in order to do so.

Press Contact:
Ivy Berkshire
Marketing Coordinator
Gigging for Gold
+1 410 224 8741





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