I'm Sonja Thorsvik, an entrepreneur, podcast host, and purveyor of fabulous lives.

Enneagram 8, seeKEr of possibilities and always dedicated to Helping you expand your brand so you can make your first six-figures


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By The Numbers

In 2023 52% of the American workforce will have spent some time participating in the gig economy according to Zappia.





Percentage Of The American Workforce Is Gigging For Gold

And 30% of Fortune 500 companies report the use of freelancers as 'essential elements' to their business.

My vision for the future is one in which the current minuscule success margin for self-employed individuals is entirely upended and is replaced by a 100% success rate.

Companies Who Hire Freelancers In The USA

My New Mission Includes You

In reality, a mere 6% of self-employed female entrepreneurs ever attain the six-figure milestone, while the number for men is only slightly higher at 11%.

Self-Employed Female Entrepreneurs Who Earn 6 Figures





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Why Name The Gigging For Gold?

10 years ago when I became a freelancer, the Gig Economy was nothing like it was today. There were not a lot of freelancers that I knew making a good (make that great!) living. I knew I never wanted to work in an office again, and I knew it was going to take a lot of digging to get the information I needed to thrive on my own. 

It took me four years to go from no idea what I was doing, broke and in massive debt to making my first six figures. Since then I have scaled - and know for a FACT there are tried and true methods to that art form that you can follow too. Let me show how...

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My Favorite Things

Traveling — and beach walking! I like to walk everyday.

my happy place!

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Exploring and making an event out of any situation.

Taking time out to pause and reflect.

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Where I stand on the super important stuff...

The idea of Monkey Fist Co. was born in a basement one night while searching for yet, 'another job' in Maryland. I knew I had the skills but knew zero about business & entrepreneurship. Too determined to care! Learned how to build websites, SEO, and network. Got clients in the door and started traveling the globe for work.


Launches the Monkey Fist Co. Facebook page. Marketed for construction companies, sail makers, holistic shops, and doubled prices. Sonja turns 30.


Monkey Fist Co. hires first interns and starts expanding the brand. Designs an Instagram class (built by post-it notes). Creates first 'freebie' download to begin email marketing funnels (photo below).



Markets for more industries including real estate, shipping and fitness. Launches the "Healthy Techie" campaign to encourage stretch breaks and brain food options for techies. Begins writing press releases for companies to get in to magazines and online publications.

"The Only Time You should look back is to see how far you've come"

Moves operations to Bali for a few months at the height of the co-working revolution. Signs on 4 new international clients. Spends rest of year between France and USA mastering the art of Networking. Updates branding colors.


humble beginnings!

happily making it all happen!

A glitch in the matrix, company loses all work and and has to rebrand. Changes over everything and learns new website platform. Starts marketing on a hush hush marketing project with the inventor of Google Maps.


Contracted to do a in-person event show & marketing - wins my client the 'Best In Show Award'. Goes on to win a 'Best Marketing Agency' award from the state. Starts creating more video.


Signs on 2 major clients: one is Americas Favorite Boat Brand, the other owned by a former producer at Summit Entertainment. Do more in-person shows, joins a Mastermind club, ups the game by hiring out a helicopter for photoshoots to make the magic happen...


By beginning of year, COVID-19 has taken more than half of Monkey Fist Co.'s business away. Taking my passion for entrepreneurship and truly focusing on how to serve more people through digital marketing - I formulate a new plan. Good news: Longest client is still with us - 8 years later...


Monkey Fist Co. gracefully ads digital products and corporate group coaching. Isn't it fun! Spends months in The Bahamas and then South Africa. Finishes the year writing up a new proposal to break into the Travel & Hospitality industry while on a layover Germany. Eats a pretzel to celebrate.


just keep going

what a decade, eh?


Monkey Fist Co. Celebrates 10 Years! I'm so proud! Adds Brand Collaborations to list of services for ways to Expand Your Brand. Works remotely from the West Indies. Number of countries traveled to now: 49, Number of Clients to date: 47. Let's see if we can even those numbers out by the end of this year shall we. Game On! LAUNCHES GIGGING FOR GOLD mid-December & records first podcast.

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Really, A Great Brand Is Built On A Foundation Of Massive Action, Consistency, The Guts To Shave Your Head For Some Fresh Perspective (True Story—Email Me About It), And A Nice Balance Of Boldness And Structure.

The Thing That Lights Me Up The Most, Though?

Watching People Just Like You Succeed.