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Tips On What To Wear For Your Headshot Photos

Want to make a bigger impact with your photos?

Iconic leaders and prolific brand personalities use these exact methods when getting their headshots taken.

Your headshot photos should oooooozzze YOU. You should feel confident, comfortable & powerful when you see them. They are your trademark.

This was a fun impromptu video I took while getting my headshots done by PhotoPerry, my favorite photographer.

These are 3 Basic Guidelines To Make You Sine.

Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot Tips With Surprise Guest Perry Thorsvik. 

Quick Re-Cap:


PhotoPerry: Neutral colors, no stripes, no crazy floral patterns – nothing that is going to take away from the beauty of your face.

Extra Tips: Get some rest, smile with your eyes, drink lots of water for glowing skin.

“Interview your photographer beforehand. Because if they make you feel comfortable, your pictures look better.”


We Took A Bunch Of Photos. Generally Only 2 Or 3 Make The Cut.

I know that I am my brand. YOU know that you are your brand.

And the way that you showcase who you are to the world is with photos and videos.

Stunning ones at that.

Takeaway Actions:

  1. Pick out a few outfits from your closet and take photos in them. Do you feel confident? Yes? Wear those. No? Borrow or purchase something new.
  2. Hire a pro photographer.
  3. Make a playlist of music you want to play at your shoot! This can make a world of difference.
  4. Walk your town and pick out locations you like. Make sure they reflect your brand.
  5. I like to have that ‘kissed by the sun’ look daily, and especially on camera.
  6. Smile: You are amazing!

Lights, Camera, Action –





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