by sonja thorsvik

Showing Up As Your True Self Is Your Superpower

Let’s talk about how to actually be vulnerable in your business and marketing efforts, why it matters, and ways to do it effectively is your superpower. Here are the three powerful reasons and ways to show up as your true self in your marketing while still looking polished and professional.

Fact 01: Perfect Is Boring

Perfection is boring and it doesn’t exist.

If we adopt the mindset that perfection doesn’t exist and we will be judged no matter what we do then we change the game! You want people to relate to you. You must become functional and accessible to your current and future clients.

I don’t know about you, but I’m way more inclined to follow businesses that can admit when they mess up or brands that show their mistakes, blind spots, and learning curves on their path toward success. I don’t want to only see the picture-perfect I want to see your un-perfect journey.

Your ideal audience wants to know you’re real, you’re human, you make mistakes, and you don’t have it all figured out all the time. Sharing those less-picturesque parts of your journey in social media captions, blog posts, and even your sales materials will endear people to you because they’ll be able to see that you actually, truly GET it. You get that real life isn’t all fluffy puppies and rainbows, and most will appreciate you more for that realness.

The brands and business owners out there that only show the put-together versions of themselves might look nice and everything from the outside… But they’re missing out on BIG-time connection that sharing their real-life truths and challenges could earn them.

Fact 02: Stories Sell Products And Services

Let me ask you something. Why do you love your favorite skincare product? It may be because the branding is nice and it happens to work pretty well. But there’s probably another reason, too.

Who introduced you to that product? Was it exceptional ad copy that shared the founder’s personal struggle with acne until she decided to find a better way to deal with it head-on? Was it an influencer you admire and trust who shared why she loves the product and how it’s affected her life?

I can guarantee you have heard the same stories from your favorite people and brands. In fact, it can take 27 times for your brain to have seen a logo or a message for you to take action. So when you click that ‘buy now’ button I can guarantee that was not the first time you actually saw that product.

Here’s the thing: Aesthetics, design, and copywriting only get brands so far. Ultimately, what makes a brand irresistible are the stories that back it. And since we are our own personal brand – we must tell our own stories. That’s why reviews and testimonials are SO powerful—because they give a peek inside someone else’s transformation using such-and-such products or services. And it makes us want to experience a similar transformation, right?

I want you to really get in touch with a few “brand” stories that you can share and re-share as a part of the larger marketing narrative behind your business. (They’re actually more YOU stories that led you to create your brand and that can connect you with your dream audience and clients.) These stories include:

  • A functional story: something that makes someone say, “This person/service could make my life easier/better because of this experience.”
  • An emotional story: something that helps your ideal client connect with you and think, “OMG, I’ve been there too.”
  • A moral story: your big “aha!” moment or why, and something that connects your ideal client to your broader mission or goal and empowers them to step into who THEY are meant to be.

These stories will become the backbone of your brand, woven into all of your messaging and reconnecting you to your people in a way that visual branding just can’t.

Fact 03: Real Authenticity Builds Lifetime Trust

Finally, I want you to stay connected to the fact that loyal clients and customers aren’t built off of your pricing or your authority or anything else that might appear shiny. Loyalty comes from TRUST, and trust is built when we get to know others on an almost personal, foundational level.

When we know someone’s “why” and we understand the heart behind what they do, we’re so much more inclined to see a bit of ourselves in them. Humans connect to humans who are open and honest, not who try to cover up the less-pretty parts of themselves. Plus, covering up our vulnerability actually holds us back from important growth and forward motion.

Brene Brown says this: “We live in a vulnerable world. And one of the ways we deal with it is we numb vulnerability. And in doing so, we also numb other emotions, including joy and gratitude. Additionally, we dampen our own innovation and creativity. When we work hard to not be vulnerable, we’re also working against our own motivation to do interesting, new, and original things.”

You may not think of vulnerability being so intertwined with progress and innovation or even joy or gratitude, but they actually ALL feed off of one another! Without vulnerability, we can’t live up to our full potential. And we won’t be able to form as meaningful or as long-lasting of relationships with anyone, be it our clients, family members, friends, or audience.

So I know (truly, I GET IT) how difficult and scary it can be to jump into that deep end of infusing vulnerability into your marketing, but start small and do it with the aim of connecting with the right people who need your brand and voice in their lives.

Share snippets of your day. Share what you’re learning or working through. Share what hardships led you to where you are. Just start sharing and weaving those three brand stories into your larger messaging pieces, and not only will people come flocking (because real attracts real), but also, YOU will also feel so much more connected to your audience and your mission.




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