by sonja thorsvik

Secrets To Selling With Confidence

It goes without saying that a successful business involves closing sales. Whether you’re selling a service or a product, you have to sell something to be viable, bring in profits, and continue to scale and grow.

But, that doesn’t mean that selling is always easy. It can actually be one of the trickiest (and even scariest) pieces of being in business

However, by simplifying your messaging, practicing like crazy, having the right tools in your toolbox, and building relationships, you’ll have it down. I’m going to break down the 4 biggest keys you need to finally unlock the secret to selling with confidence, and, I promise, it’s worth it.

Key #1: Say No To Message Clutter

You’ve probably heard the advice about having an elevator pitch for your business, but I’m going to give it to you again. You have to have a practiced, polished, uncluttered pitch for your business—it’s a vital piece of the puzzle, especially when you’re pitching to new clients or customers. 

Think of it like this: If someone were to run into you at Whole Foods and ask you about your business, how would you describe it? If you stumble your words, fill it with a bunch of uh…’s, and explain a mish-mashed medley of services, you’re not going to get anywhere. (And they’ll probably be confused.) But if you can instantly spout a polished version of exactly what you do? You might have just found yourself a new client. 

This goes for the message around what you’re selling, too. Your potential customer or client doesn’t want to know your life story—they want to know what your product or service can do for them, and they want to know why your product or service is the best choice. That’s it. When you work on refining your message and knowing exactly what it is you offer—no word salad allowed—you’ll be more confident in your offer, gain clarity around it, and make consistent sales.

Key #2: Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re like me, you’ve probably practiced the scripts for everything from onboarding calls to podcast interviews in your car, in the shower, and while you get ready for bed. It’s human nature to want to be prepared for everything that life might throw our way, and we all know that being well-prepped is good business practice.

But, what most people don’t realize? You can practice your sales, too. Once you’ve refined your pitch and gained clarity around your offer, start talking it through and working it out verbally. Whether you’re practicing sales calls on your partner or rehearsing them to your non-existent car passengers, practice makes perfect. By practicing, you’ll be able to get feedback, generate answers to questions before they’re asked, and calm down the nerves that can come from being unprepared.

Regardless of how silly you might feel, just think about how much better your sales calls and meetings will go if they’re consistently well-practiced. At the same time, don’t practice your pitch so much that it becomes robotic, either—just grow comfortable with your proposition, and let it flow.

Key #3: Build Relationships First

Have you ever been holding your phone when a call came through from a random telemarketer who wanted to sell you the latest diet pill, extendable phone charger, or insurance policy? Or when an email popped up that was obviously a copied-and-pasted template not even mildly personalized to your business?

I have—and I’ve never been influenced to make a purchase based on a dry sales pitch with no personal connection to it. In fact, they usually just plain irritate me (and the callers/emailers end up getting blocked… sorry not sorry).

While it’s easy to look at sales as purely a numbers game, it’s so much more than that. Your potential clients and customers want to trust you, and that all starts with genuine connection and true authenticity. And, more than that: trust.

Never, ever drop instantly into a sales pitch without taking the time to learn about your client, connect with them, and build up a rapport. Relationship building instills confidence, too—just think about it. Aren’t you much more confident with selling a product or a service to someone who you have a connection to? I thought so.

Key #4: Trust Yourself

Entrepreneurs don’t just go into business on blind faith that it will work out, no matter what anyone says. Even if they can’t clearly see an endgame in mind at all hours of the day, every entrepreneur worth their salt created a new business and took a jump because somewhere, deep down, they knew that they were worthy enough and smart enough and talented enough to make it work. They trusted themselves.

But, sometimes that trust goes away. It gets hidden behind nixed proposals, imposter syndrome, and financial worries. It gets buried underneath life, and I get it. I’ve been there.

Cultivating that confidence in yourself, though? It’s essential to your business. When you trust yourself, believe in what you’re selling, and reflect that to the people you’re selling to, it’s like a magnet.

There’s a quote from Barrie Davenport that I love, and I think it reflects in business beautifully: “Low self-confidence isn’t a life sentence. Self-confidence can be learned, practiced, and mastered—just like any other skill. Once you master it, everything in your life will change for the better.”

You didn’t start a business for the pure fun of it (although, that’s a side advantage, for sure), and you’re not reading an article about sales confidence because you don’t care deeply about your work. Take that extra step, work on your self-trust, and watch things start falling into place. After all, you need to be the biggest believer that NOT getting your product or service out there to others would be a disservice to your client base.

Sales can seem like a complicated piece of your business, but they don’t have to be. When you really think about it, a sale is simply a transaction that supports your growth. It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that! By finally learning to harness your inner trust, build genuine relationships, refine your messaging, and get your pitch down pat, you’ll be amazed at your confidence level. You’ve got this.




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