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Brand Photos: Scattered To Classy Portfolio

Always scrambling to find branding photos for your new social media posts, blog, or newsletter?

Or worse, your website designer is asking for photos, and you have to email them one by one. Torture.

What if you had a folder of 100 highly usable photos for your business that were organized, named, labeled, and stored in the cloud that would only take seconds to access and find what you need?

Follow my photo organizing strategy below and you will be able to:

+ Find a photo in under 5 seconds
+ Always have photos ready for your website and social posts
+ Simply send a link of photos to your web developer or social media manager
+ Free up space on your phone
+ Un-clutter your desktop
+ Check off ‘organize photos’ off your to-do list

Sounds good right?

OK let’s do this!


Label the folder ‘My Best 100′

(look at you, you just took a step to potentially change your whole life!)


Find all of your favorite photos, and put them in your ‘My Best 100’ folder.

Have a mix of horizontal and vertical photos, as different sizes work best for websites and social media.

Look for photos that express your brand including mood and colors.

Some photos should have ample white space for when you want to add a text layer and/or your logo.

Photos are usually in these 6 places

+ Hard Drives
+ Cloud
+ CD’s
+ Desktop
+ Downloads Folder on your computer
+ Phone

[Hopefully, you are taking photos of everything; your work before and after, your work as it progresses, your work as it makes you crazy, your work when something funny happens, your work that your awesome co-workers are helping you with, your work as you celebrate milestones… remember, you are your brand.]


Whew! Now that you have found at least 100 photos it is time to name them.

This step is crucial to making your wildest photo organization dreams come true.

This step is also the most important photo step that you spend time doing now so that your website is enhanced for search engine optimization as you add them!

Name every single photo using underscores, lowercase lettering, and keywords:

Example: underscore_keywords_location_keyword.jpg


Now you have found your photos and labeled them. Your hands and mind might need a break. When you come back, simply create 5 new folders within your ‘My Best 100’ folder that relate to your business project, and organize your photos into each one.

Example Folders:
+ Social Media
+ About Page
+ Newsletter
+ Website Homepage
+ Ebook Ideas



If not already done, choose which cloud-based service you like best.

Choose one, create an account, bookmark the link, download the app.

Here are some options:
+ DropBox
+ Box
+ Google Drive
+ Google Photos

For my own personal everyday and business use, I prefer using a mix of Google Photos and DropBox.

All of these clouds are free to use, have easy to use apps, and are very simple to operate.

[dream situation: you are out playing on your boat, your VA is in a coffee shop. They ask you to send a folder for your June social media photos, and BAM! You push about 3 buttons in 5 seconds, and I have it! Or, even better, you share access to the account, and they can just login and the photos are waiting there, correctly categorized and labeled. Don’t you just love technology.]


+ You now have also created a small version of a portfolio on your phone that you can show off to your friends during happy hour when they ask about your business.

+ When your Social Media Manager or Web Developer asks for these photos, you do not have to worry about photo sizes being to big to email!

+ And, now – you are organized. You have created an easy place to keep your photos safe, and you can simply add to those folders as you come across more on your photo journey.

You know here at Gigging for Gold we like to “Always Be Prepared So You Never Have To Prepare” – Happy Photo Collecting!



Why:  My new FAVORITE way to store photos.  It has solved ALL  of my photos storing issues, and has extra goodies in there as well.  Free & unlimited cloud-based photo storage. Highly recommended. You can share any photo to your social communities.

Cost: Free

Tips:  Set your phones Auto-Lock to ‘Never’ when you start to sync, then connect your phone to wifi and let it do its magic.  For me, I had 8K photos for it to upload so it was an overnight process.




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