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How to Remain Relevant And Vibrant: Lessons From Luxury Brands

Here are six ways your brand can remain relevant and vibrant online, no matter what’s going on in the world.


As consumers and customers interact with your brand, it’s important to direct and amplify their social media shoutouts. Part of the fun and enjoyment of any social media marketing strategy is that it both plants seeds for engagement and capitalizes on the trends and viral content already present and being circulated. This requires both vigilance and anticipation.

For example, before a fashion show or big event, maybe your creative team creates a hashtag that, through posts and promotional materials, comes to be associated with the event. That hashtag then allows your brand to harvest all the different photos, updates, and tweets participants generated to promote your brand and product.


When luxury marketers tell their brand story, they shine a spotlight on production. From procuring their ethically sourced materials to putting the finishing touch on a bespoke item, premium brands make their process the star of the show.

There are plenty of ways to tell a production story, from behind-the-scenes social posts to deep-dive editorials. Luxury brands use them all to remain relevant and vibrant. And, when they do, they help customers feel less like consumers and more like contributors, curators, and creators. This dynamic builds excitement and engagement and forms the kind of customer loyalty that can last a lifetime.


Exclusivity is fundamental to luxury brand marketing as it maintains consumer desire through scarcity and rarity. If anyone could walk into Louis Vuitton and buy a handbag, Louis Vuitton would lose their appeal to those who wish to have something that others can’t get access to.

Given the Internet’s accessibility and autonomy, many luxury brands worry about losing their sense of exclusivity when it comes to going online. This, however, is flawed logic. For luxury brands, the Internet does not represent a wider distribution of actual products. It’s a wider distribution of content that evokes the desire to buy luxury products. Translated to the offline world, effective digital marketing is like running more advertisements on buses, more TV ads, or having more stores in Central London.

Exclusivity can be created online through private member groups, concierge services, or digitally-delivered loyalty perks that are reserved specifically for previous customers.


Of course, retail brand management experts know that their image is only as strong as their weakest touch point. In other words, every interaction a customer has with a premium brand must impart the same level of luxury. Luxury brands know that their direct mail marketing needs to reflect the same high value as their digital presence and in-store experiences. That’s why they opt for thick, quality cardstock, rich, bold images, and even personalized messages. Many high-end fashion houses use digital handwriting in each of their mailings as well. This personal touch sets their mail apart from cheaper retailers and strengthens brand loyalty.

Translated online, imagine where the customer first interacts with your brand: it could be anywhere from your website, to your social media channels, even a link from your personal profile. And then, they continue their own journey from there. It is one thing to be vibrant from day one when everyone is energetic and excited, but remaining relevant and vibrant throughout time takes effort and dedication.

91% of customers visit your website after they start following you on social. This is why each and every touch point needs to be infused with your brands unique value.


Today’s consumer is simultaneously a curator and a virtual artist. A luxury brand offers him or her an opportunity to showcase a lifestyle and a value system. It’s important for luxury brands to both understand what ideas and things are most desirable and how they can ally their products with them. For example, maybe the target demographic of a men’s luxury watch brand is inspired by the impact of and images surrounding the concept of “legacy.”

The brand’s job, then, is to create a tie-in. That tie-in could be a video featuring fathers and sons that emphasizes the high quality and longevity of the watch, or a campaign that frames the gifting of the watch as a tradition that marks a son or grandson’s coming of age.

Another resonant brand narrative for luxury brands is the blending of heritage and modern style. Burberry has had great success bringing its rich history together with modern icons and influencers to leverage the best of both worlds. However a brand shapes its narrative, the important thing to remember is that consumers won’t just be buying a product; they’ll be claiming a means of self-expression.


Once a brand narrative is established, It’s critical that brands don’t get stuck in a zero-sum game between exclusivity and visibility. One at the expense of another is useless. The ideal relationship between the two is one of mutual benefit. For example, an Instagram campaign of the hottest high fashion models donning your luxury brand’s designer sunglasses or silk scarves capitalizes on both an inclusive, far-reaching social platform and the exclusivity of being associated with figures that feel larger than life.

A natural next step is to highlight the fact that conveying that message to the public wasn’t just an afterthought or add-on, but something that needed to be integrated in every aspect of how the company was run.

Your task now is to tailor the many possibilities of social media to flatter and frame your own unique value propositions and aspirational cues.




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