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Create with Purpose: How to Streamline Content Creation

Ever feel like you’re on a hamster wheel of content creation that you’ll never be able to jump off? You brainstorm, create, publish, and promote and then do it all over again, week in and week out for… what feels like the rest of time? Sheesh, sounds pretty overwhelming. But it’s SO many people’s reality if you want to have a healthy digital presence.

Or, maybe… You’re on the other end of the spectrum. You know you need a more consistent content routine, you know you need to be hitting publish more often—but you can’t seem to find a groove that works. Or that sticks. 

Whether you’re constantly creating or you’re avoiding the reality of your content crisis—the fact remains that there needs to be an easier way. Content creation shouldn’t take up all of your time, and it also shouldn’t be something you dread! In fact, there are a few key ways to set yourself up for success in this arena.

I built this entire business off of simplifying content creation for big-name businesses. I know it seems like a complicated, time-consuming process to streamline, but I promise: With some simple tips, you’ll be creating and pushing out valuable content on a regular basis, with way less stress and time involved. Here’s where I recommend you start:

Prioritize One Platform First

This is especially important if you don’t have much of a system for content creation right now and you’re just getting started. Begin by focusing on ONE platform. Maybe it’s your blog, maybe it’s your email list, or maybe it’s a social media platform like LinkedIn or Instagram. Notice where you can reach the most people regularly—and notice which platform excites you the most! That’ll help you stay motivated to continue showing up there.

Focus on mastering that platform and publishing content there regularly for at least 2 to 3 months before weaving in more platforms to your process. By trying to start with EVERY option possible, you’re setting yourself up for failure and, not to mention, massive overwhelm.

Batch Your Heart Out

Have you ever batched content before? If not, prepare for your life to be forever CHANGED (for the better). Batching is simply putting aside a period of time to work on ONE task and knocking out a chunk of it in that time. So, rather than spending 30 minutes on a Tuesday morning to write an Instagram caption, you could spend 3 hours batching a month’s worth of Instagram captions in one sitting.

Sound crazy and a little frantic? I promise, it’s not. Studies show that honing in and focusing on one task for a longer period of time is better for your concentration, creativity, and ultimately, productivity. It’s also called “single-tasking” (as opposed to multitasking).

While multitasking might make you *feel* like you’re getting more done, the opposite’s actually true. The brain needs longer breaks in between different types of work and projects. So, while you might think you’re getting so much done when you answer emails and work on a blog post and schedule client calls all in one day, you’re actually holding yourself back. It’s way easier to get distracted and take extra-elongated breaks in between different types of tasks than it is if you were to spend a longer amount of time working on one larger task.

Start scheduling your weeks in a way to batch your content. If you’re prioritizing your blog content first, when can you sit down to crank out 3 posts to keep you covered for the next month? Not only does this allow you to work and plan ahead, but you’ll also have more time on the days in between batching content for other important tasks that require your attention! And you’ll feel less torn in multiple directions by focusing on one big task at a time.

Schedule And Automate It All!

Once you’re set with batching, take streamlining your content a step further by scheduling and automating everything. This is my number-one secret to growing your marketing reach and creating momentum that takes you to the next level. If you’re manually hitting publish on any of your content, you’re doing it wrong (to be frank).

By scheduling your blog and social content (and batching it!), you’ll be able to prep multiple pieces of content across multiple channels with ease. It allows you to create a consistent posting routine and show up everywhere you want to be… without actually having to literally be the one to remember to hit post on it all.

If you are looking for a Project Management tool to keep everything organized I use ClickUp. Their mission is to save you and ENTIRE DAY each week. It seriously is one app to replace them all…

Repurpose Past Top-Performing Content

One of the biggest pains of content creation is trying to think of WHAT to actually write and post about. There’s only so many fresh, original topics within your genre you can think of, right? Well, not if you learn to repurpose past content!

There are a few ways to repurpose content. First, dig into your blog analytics and check out your top performers of all time, as well as from the last few months. Take the top 5 to 10 posts and see if there’s any way to riff off of those topics, create content similar to it, or expand on any pieces within the content. You won’t be repeating the same thoughts as that old content, but more just expanding on related topics because you already know it resonates well with your readership!

The other way to repurpose old content is by taking those top performers and repurposing them into brand new social posts. You can share snippets of the blog post in captions, expand on ideas from the post, or share an intriguing part of the post and encourage followers to read the whole thing at the link. You might be surprised just how many social posts you can get out of ONE ultra-valuable, meaty blog post.

Don’t let your blog content live and die with one share! Refresh and recycle those thoughts and ideas in new ways to keep people interested and coming back to you as an expert in your industry.

How are we feeling? Think you have what it takes to finally create a content creation system that’s efficient and, most importantly, EASY? I bet you do, and with these little hacks, you’ll be well on your way to creating and sharing content that matters, and that doesn’t drive you crazy.




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