by sonja thorsvik

Connect With Your Clients By Showing Your Unique Personality

Branding isn’t just cool logos and pretty websites and fabulous tag-lines (though, those details are certainly important, too). So much of creating a powerful brand is building one that meets your ideal client where they’re at and makes them feel seen, heard, and understood.

No matter what type of business you run—whether it’s an online business, a yoga studio, or a consulting company—there are simple ways to infuse your personality into your brand so that your reader gets to know the human behind the products or services. Entrepreneurs often put the majority of their thought and attention into what they offer—and rightfully so! That’s the moneymaker, after all, right?

But people don’t connect with things. They connect with people, with stories, and with relatability. That’s why letting your personality shine through is a vital part of branding (even if it makes you feel a little out of sorts).

And, look: I’m not saying you need to hand over your life story and every skeleton in your closet. However, sharing snippets of your day in a blog post or small behind-the-scenes pieces of your life on social media makes your ICA think, “Wow, I’m not so different from this person!”

That sort of mutual experience or understanding builds trust. And trust? It’s invaluable in building a lasting brand that not only reaches your people, but keeps them coming back (and buying from you) again and again.

Here’s how to showcase your personality in your branding seamlessly:

1. Use Your Face In Some Of Your Images

I know you probably didn’t get into running a business to make it all about you—I mean, not unless you’re in the influencer or blogger space. Most business owners don’t want to show face because, well, it can feel plain awkward! You want to promote your products and services… What does your mug have to do with any of it?

But I can promise you: Posting photos that show your face on social media and infusing them into your website imagery is a prominent way for people to connect with the person behind the business. In fact, according to SproutSocial, Instagram posts that show faces (rather than products or graphics) get 38% more likes.

Don’t believe me? Try this little experiment. For 30 days, try posting a photo of you 50% of the time on Instagram. I’d be willing to bet your engagement on those photos are way higher than the product shots or flat lays.

Now, you don’t have to post yourself that often going forward, but aim to make sure that your top nine photos on your IG grid show you at least two times. That way, when new people land on your page, they can easily click around to see who you are and what you’re all about… aka, building immediate trust.

2. Ditch The Corporate Jargon

Even if you’re not a natural writer (BTW, most entrepreneurs are NOT!), you want to pay close attention to your copy. From your website words to blog posts to social captions, every word you put out there is either attracting or pushing away your next perfect client. (No pressure.)

A lot of people get nervous in writing their business copy for that reason and go straight into what I call “Corporate Mumbo Jumbo”: using complicated words and sentences to appear clever and experienced, when actually it’s just, well, kinda boring to read. Try this: As you write your captions or a page on your site, read the text aloud as you go. Does it flow easily, or is it jargon-filled and stuffy?

You want to aim to write how you speak, because that’s what your customers will resonate with the most. And don’t be afraid to throw in some of your “-isms”! Do you say “y’all” in conversation with friends or have certain phrases that people know you for saying? Weave those into your copy—but do so sparingly so that they’re little tastes of your personality and not too overwhelming or distracting.

Another tip: Decide on what you want your tone to be, and write all of your copy from that lens. It could be anything, like: quippy, friendly, casual, conversational, personal, sophisticated, clever, warm, relatable, inviting. Pick the words that register most with your (yep, you guessed it!) personality, and that feels most natural to you.

3. Utilize Storytelling

So much of sales actually lies in the story: the why behind your business, the turning point that led you here, the uphill battle you faced to get where you are. People don’t care about pricing or visual branding nearly as much as they’ll fall in love with a good story.

Pull snippets of your life experiences that are relevant. Talk about something that happened in your day. What lessons have you learned lately? What funny situations have you gotten into? Using these stories throughout your messaging isn’t just mindless chatter about yourself (even if it might feel that way at first). No—storytelling builds a long-term relationship with your ideal client and ultimately sells your product or service. It draws people in, builds trust, and sparks their curiosity.

However, keep it short and sweet as much as you possibly can. While people love a good story, humans generally don’t have the longest attention spans. And don’t forget: Stories have a beginning, middle, and end, so don’t be a rambling storyteller that leaves people hanging. Make them feel like they’re getting to know the human behind the logo, and then you can leverage the relationship when it’s time to sell.

That’s it, my friend! It’s not really rocket science, but that doesn’t mean it’s not scary (and vulnerable) to begin sharing parts of YOU throughout your branding. I’d encourage you to start small if this is new to you, and to begin by sharing small peeks into your life and what makes you who you are. Before you know it, you’ll not just have more customers coming your way, but they’ll be customers that start to feel like lifelong, devoted friends!




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