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Conducting A Brand Personality Makeover For More Exposure Online

Who doesn’t love a good makeover?

Today, I’m sharing 5 easy ways to give your brand the personality it deserves so that your soul and voice can stand out and you can start making more money.

Someone once told me that people could taste my brand. I thought that was such an interesting statement at the time, but I realized very quickly that was an incredible compliment. They were responding to the world I had created. Now, I try to make that a goal with everything I create—could people read this article and know it came from me? Does this exude my brand’s personality? If you met me, Sonja Thorsvik, in the airport or in a cafe in Budapest, would you think I was the writer and creator of all this content?


Imagine some of your favorite brands. If you had to give them personality traits, what would you give them? For instance, I’d think Starbucks was a chatty person. She’d be friendly, warm, and energetic. I’d see Google as more cerebral, with a love for knowledge but also sarcastic, funny, and up-to-date on all things pop culture and current events. Nike would be one of those people that always seems to be good at things but is also so motivating and encouraging pushing you towards you goals.

Now, what do you think people think of you and your brand? Would they be able to look at your site, your copy, your socials, and your products and see your brand personality shine through? Or would they have a hard time coming up with anything at all?


The thing is, a great brand is not a great brand if there’s no personality. Just like you don’t want to spend your time around people who seem to be lacking in the personality department, people don’t want to interact and engage with brands that don’t seem all that interesting. They just don’t. People love real, honest connection—and that only comes when your personality, voice, and uniqueness shine through.

By the time you have worked your way through this post, you’ll know how to find your 4 W’s, you’ll be able to talk about your brand like it’s a person, and you’ll learn that people love seeing the behind-the-scenes.  Plus, you’ll remember how important it is to be consistent and you’ll drive home the idea that true connection is really where it’s at.

Let’s get started!


As a brand builder and a business owner, it’s incredibly important for you to be able to clearly understand who your business is, what your business offers, why your business does what it does, and why your business is the one to choose from.

My favorite way to dig into my 4 W’s is a simple little exercise with some pen and paper. Plus, this is a great exercise to come back to if you feel like you’re disconnected from your brand, if you need some clarity, or if you’re ready to start a huge new venture. On the top, write the 4 W’s: who, what, when, where, and why (and perhaps grab an espresso). The key to this exercise working is getting really, really honest with yourself and the direction of your business.


You can do this in any order, but I like to start from the left to the right—beginning with the “who?” on my paper. Underneath the who, start with the surface-level questions: what’s your business called? Who is the face of your business? Who is on your team? How does that influence who your business is at its bones?


Next up, the “what”: What does your business do? What do you dig into on a daily basis? What is your flagship offer? What are the smaller pieces of your business? What do you stand for? What are your core values? Now, take that list and create a one-liner that says exactly what you do. For instance, I’ll give you my business one-liner: At Gigging for Gold, my goal is to make your brand look good online and offline with excellent content, smart strategy, and impeccable messaging. I expand your brand.


Then, the “when”: When do you want to reach certain goals in your business? When will you push out certain programs? When are your business anniversaries and milestones to promote? When does your business fit into the lives of your readers/clients?


You can follow this one with the “where,” which is really simple: Where do you run your business? Where do you want to reach people? In different countries? On different platforms? Where do you want to expand into?


Finally, I want you to take everything you’ve already written down and think long and hard about your “why.” Why are you here? Why did you launch your business? Why are you the best choice? Why does your business bridge the gap? Why do you do this? This is such a great way to remind yourself of the joy that can often get lost in black-and-white business plans and in menial day-to-day tasks. The why behind your business is the fire that keeps you going; it’s what pushes you to do better and achieve more.

When you take the time to really focus in on the 4 W’s in your business, it’s a lot easier to understand your business on a new level. When you have a legitimate grasp on your business, it’s a lot easier—and a LOT more genuine—to craft a personality that makes sense and elevates your brand.


So much of building a brand personality comes with digging into those human facets of your brand. No one wants to deal with a robotic business. (insert: speak to a representative!).

Start with the obvious: What would your brand say if they were a person? What are some quippy sayings that you often find yourself saying during the day? What are some terms that you absolutely dislike? By isolating some of these key characteristics and verbiage, you’re able to weave personality right into your messaging.

Then, think of little habits that your brand-as-a-person might have, too. Maybe your brand human walks into the local coffee shop each morning for a steaming hot Americano before taking the dog on a walk and listening to a podcast. For instance, I’d like to think that Starbucks-as-a-person wakes up each morning, meditates, practices gratitude, inhales a black coffee, and then goes out for a run before turning on a Masterclass session movie while getting ready for the day. I don’t know why I think that, but I do—and it’s a great way to start thinking of the ways your ideal customer might be thinking of you, too.

It’s also super valuable to consider what your brand-as-a-person excels at and struggles with, too. Your brand-as-a-person might be an absolute wiz at trivia night and when it comes to Photoshop, but might think “no thank you” to early mornings and spreadsheets. Not every brand can do everything. It’s just part of being human. See where we are going here?

Once you’ve imagined all the ways your brand-as-a-person operates, weave some characteristics into your messaging. Whether it’s signing off from all of your emails with a ‘Cheers!’, mentioning your obsession with binging on Archielogy shows on Netflix, in your website copy, dropping sailing analogies into a freebie guide, or masterfully adding in a little sarcasm to your blog posts, challenge yourself to add a distinct voice and personality based off of YOU and YOUR brand-as-a-person.


There is a reason that podcasts like How I Built This are so big, why people love Instagram Q&A’s, and why those Facebook recipe videos are so popular. People LOVE to see the processes behind things, the not-so-pretty moments, and the way that it really looks behind the veil. There’s just something special about seeing the work that actually goes into a business, and that’s why showing your behind-the-scenes action can make such an impact when it comes to adding personality into your business. 

Whether it’s on Instagram Reels, TikTok, or blog posts, challenge yourself to weave personality into your brand by showing your process. For me, it’s all about Instagram stories and posts that show the real side of business ownership: the scribbled on whiteboards, the front-seat-of-the-car work sessions, the tax deadlines. By lifting the veil, people see that it’s not just polished web copy and big projects—it’s really hard work, it’s a lot of laughs, and it’s not always perfect.

By showing the behind-the-scenes, you’re inviting people into your business… and that builds trust and loyalty faster than anything else. You’re also reminding people that you don’t just care about sales and conversion. You care about the business you run and sharing each aspect of it, showing that you’re putting everything into it and you’re proud of it. That is priceless.


While I think that a huge part of building out a brand personality is purely organic and happens mostly with time, consistency is still key to pulling the personality through, making sure it becomes an important part of your brand, and making it WORK for you. First off, make sure that you’re consistently putting out content that reflects your business. Keyword: consistently.

While brand recognition is a big thing visually—which is where an incredible graphic designer and a strategic brand identity comes in—brand recognition also comes from a well-tailored, consistent brand voice. When you structure your messaging and your content with those brand-as-a-person sayings, when you weave in fun and engaging personality traits to your emails, and when you focus on creating a brand built around a personality, your brand recognition doesn’t have to have anything to do with your logo. It has to do with you, your company, and the voice you’ve designed and carried through it.

We all know you need to post and publish consistently, just make sure your voice is consistent as well.


The reason that you recognize a brand’s personality is because, at some level and at some point, you’ve connected with it. The way that someone will notice your brand personality is when they connect with it. When you realize that the connection is the most vital piece of the puzzle, everything else falls into place.

You see, it’s not all about sales all the time. While a bottom line exists and conversions are important and all, there’s nothing more valuable to your business than the relationships you create, the trust you build, and the connections you make with the people that engage with you and your business. Your brand personality is a huge piece of this puzzle, and crafting a personalized, warm, open voice and personality that shines through each and every aspect of your business is exactly how you create that trust, those relationships, and those connections.

It’s so, so easy to get caught up in the business parts of a business… but that’s how we lose things like our brand personalities. While it might almost seem pointless at times, I can promise you that it’s not. Continuing to nurture those relationships by bringing personality into your brand is essential to that bottom line, because the connection is where it’s at. Nothing. Else. Matters.

Personality Makeover: Check!




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