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Visual Storytelling With AI Image Creator And 15 Insane Prompts

In the kaleidoscope of the digital realm, a picture isn’t just worth a thousand words; it’s worth a thousand clicks.

Visuals provide the lure, reeling in an audience eager to feast on the next morsel of online content.

We as creators use images in so many places: our blog posts, featured images, social media images, thumbnail images, logos, and on and on.

You can get curated visuals from a number of places for example:

➤ Choose between the polished sheen of professional headshots (always recommended) or the candid charm of a well-angled selfie.

➤ Hire skilled artisans to craft bespoke visuals or revel in the cornucopia of freely available images on Unsplash.

➤ Borrow from others with a simple right click ‘save image as’, giving credit where it’s due, or summon the sorcery of the new AI Image Creators.

[here I know is where the raging, and rightly so, debate comes in for artists/art/talent/job loss, etc but we will save that for another post]

Just like I have been experimenting with am now a borderline power user of ChatGPT-4 for text I now have been creating visuals with AI tools as well. Among giants like MidJourney Microsofts darling emerges: Bing Image Creator.

Powered by a cutting-edge iteration of OpenAI’s DALL·E model, Bing Image Creator weaves imagery from the very fabric of language. Simply conjure up a description, and watch as your words breathe life into a visual form that you can simply download and use as your own.

It is estimated that among all the AI image creators a massive 30 million new images are being created every single day.

Bing Image Creator integrated into Bing chat on both desktop and mobile starting at the end of March 2023. For those not in the new Bing preview, the experience of Image Creator is free and now available here for Bing users around the world in English (that is how I prefer to use it).

This tool is like most other AI solutions. You feed it a PROMT and it gives you an OUTPUT.

I have been experimenting with it and have not found a significant difference between longer or shorter prompts as you will see below. 

And no, you don’t need to know various art form styles or famous painters – you can just copy mine and tweak as you need 😉

I thought I’d simply show you 15 prompts I put in and their output for some inspiration. Each prompt outputs four versions, I choose the one I liked the best in these examples.

You can copy/paste these in your choice of AI Image Creator Software.



a floating island in space, a detailed matte painting by Monet, fantasy art, ultrarealistic, 8k, HDR, sunset, cinematic, surrounded with tropical fauna at sunset fantasy, Terragen

I love it! So dreamy. Inspires me to write a book. The combo of Monet and Fantasy really made this magical. I enjoy the sun hitting off the cloud in the bottom center making it glow.


champagne bottle and glass, pop art

Fantastic. The other 3 versions were good as well. I like the vividness and they are even at an angle facing away from you representing the direction we like champagne bottles to be in when opened when you finally launch your new business 😉


1950s advertising agency, typewriter, retro-futurism

Pretty Good. As always AI Eyes and Fingers need some work. The typewriter detail, her outfit, and even the notes one the desk are insane.


an aurora in the sky, a tiny cabin in the middle of central park in new york city, a detailed matte painting by Max Dauthendey, glowing lights, volumetric lighting, nightscape

Charming. If I’m in a post-apocalyptic city situation I’d live here. The ‘volumetric lighting’ is helping to ‘fan’ the buildings.


A big beautiful bowl of homemade pasta twirling on a fork, including fresh noodles, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, olives, and basil, captured with a Canon EOS R6, f/3.5, 1/60s, ISO 200, candles for lighting, in a well-organized arrangement, in high-resolution 4K UHD

Honestly, this is glorious. I went out and bought pasta after making this.


a yellow shark swimming through flowers, product design

Spot On. Imagine what you could do with this! Books art, shirts, merch! I’d name him Brutus.


a Renaissance painting of a mermaid, from behind, looking at a ship in the background

I would have liked to see more of a mermaid tail but still lovely. I added in ‘from behind’ because the first was with a face and she definitely had a crazy ‘I just met a handsome sailor and we spent a lovely evening together and he left me here without saying goodbye’ type of look.


cute giraffe robot in Tanzania, soft colors, Kyoto Animation Studio anime style

stop iiiiiiiiitttttttt. Look at its little robo-legs…


hammock on a sailboat, gentle clouds in the sky, abstract art

I don’t love it. This was the third attempt. Where is the boat? It is nice enough and looks like a place where I’d like to watch the world go by, but not what I was looking for.


1970s wide shot of a black woman dancer on roller skates, soft contrast, low contrast, low saturation, instant capture, ultra-detailed, ultra-realistic, accent lighting, wide shot, skate rink, disco ball

Get it girl. I’m personally pleased that she came with a glitter suit without prompting. Only slightly off with the skate foot and wheels but you could adjust. The ‘soft contrast’ and ‘ accent lighting’ are fun to work with.


light green vintage Vespa in wildflowers on lake como, shot with Fujifilm Velvia 50, High detailed, High contrast 4k

Classic. Near Perfection. Vroooooooom! p.s I WILL insert myself into this exact situation one day…


a Bernese mountain dog, minimalistic colorful organic forms, energy, assembled, layered, depth, alive vibrant, 3D, abstract, on a light tan background

An homage to my furry nephew who always greets me with the happiness of a thousand exploding suns. Nice output. The paws are even and on the floor. I like the stance.


podcast studio, geometric art, muted colors

For a short prompt, this is pretty good. I think it attempted a shadow or is that a floating mic arm? Could be refined more. I used it as Featured Image in a blog post already. See if you can spot it.


an alligator floating over a river, clouds, style of marc chagall

Interesting. I have a Chagall print so I can say that yes, it does resemble his work. Perhaps a little cartoonish, but that could be refined. He is definitely BFF’s with Brutus the yellow shark.


Wonder Woman looking at Gotham City from the window, in the style of wes anderson, neoclassical symmetry, matte painting

Show Stopper. Love the tone and energy. Her dress looks backwards but that can be refined. Impressive cityscape.


There is a button to click within the program that says ‘Surprise Me’ and it gave me this prompt and output.

a boy wearing a yellow raincoat holding a red balloon, standing in front of a smokey volcano, digital art

Hummm… I know a troublemaker when I see one…

Not only have you just seen a glimpse into what I’m thinking about (scary?) you just witnessed 16 never-before-seen images in the history of the whole world. Welcome to Sonja’s Gallery Of Curiosities…

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